Taxes that I pay while I work in the USA

Everyone who works in the USA pays taxes to the US government based on the individual income. The amount is determined by the federal, state and local government. In most cases you can get a refund on your taxes. Theses taxes being:

Federal tax – usually comes out to around 10% of the total income. It is payable to Internal Revenue Services (IRS).

State tax – Usually it is between 2% and 8% and is payable to the treasury of the state you work in. Some of the states have determined not to collect such a tax at all – Alaska, Florida, Nevada, Texas, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming, New Hampshire and Tennessee.

Local tax – These are taxes that are paid only in certain locations like New York, some cities in New Jersey, Ohio and others. They rarely surpass 1-2% of your total income.

Social security and Medicare Tax/FICA taxes. These are taxes that concern the US citizens only. According to the taxation laws the exchange program participants are exempted from paying them. If such taxes are witheld from your paychecks you can request them back on site from the employer or to apply for a full FICA refund once you get back home, if you have followod the program rules and kept all required documents. If you have any other type of visa those taxes are non refundable.

How much Tax Refund can I get?

The taxes you have paid during your summer in the States are refunded from the federal or state tax authorities respectively. They determine the amount you will receive. At the end of the year a calculation is made on the ratio gross income and taxes withheld and in most cases it turns out that they have withheld more than they had to. The surcharged sum is what you get as a refund either as a check or straight into your American bank account.

What we can help you with?

In order to get a refund of the taxes you overpaid you need to file a tax declaration. You can do it yourself by sending the declaration to the required tax authorities or you can use our services.

To make it easier for you we offer to do a calculation of how much you can apply for, to prepare your declaration, to send the signed declaration and to monitor its status in the tax authorities system. If you have an active US bank account you will get the refund straight into it. If you prefer the check option then one will be issued and send to our office, where you can pick it up.

Why choose us?

tax refund usa guarantee

100% quality guarantee

We guarantee that if the tax authorities lower the amount from what we have calculated for you, you will pay you the difference multiplied by 10.


We have a fixed service fee

Our service has a fixed price and is not binding as a percentage of your refund. There are no extra fees, like bank transfers or shipping fees. You know exactly what to expect and there are no surprises.


We don't rely on intermediaries

We don’t use intermediaries and do the entire process ourselves. You benefit from a professional and fast service provided by our experts, that are tasked with preparing your documents.


11 offices at your disposal

You can talk with one of our consultants in an office of your choosing. They will answer all your questions, explain the process and follow the status of your refund on your behalf.

How to refund your us tax

How much does it cost to do tax refund with us?



Choose this option if you are applying only for federal tax refund. You receive a check or a transfer into your American bank account.



The standard service for refunding your taxes, both federal and state. You pay the fee when you sign up with us and then receive a check under your name in our office or a bank transfer straight into your American bank account.



With this option you don’t have to pay anything when you sign up, but pay only once the service is completed. You pay us once your check gets in the office!

What do I need?

In order to get a calculation and prepare the declaration you need to have:

  Last paycheck or a W-2 form

The so called last paycheck or payslip is the document that you receive with each paycheck. On it there is all the information of how much you have earned and what taxes have been withheld to date. If you have worked on more than one place you need to have the last paychecks from each employer.

The W-2 form is issued by the employer at the end of the year and in it there are the final numbers on how much you have earned and what taxes have been witheld for the entire year with said employer. It is the duty of the employer toi send you the form in the period 01-31 January the following year. If you have worked for more than one employer you need to have the W-2 forms from all of them.

To calculate your refund we can work with the last paycheck only but it is recommended to to use the W-2 form for the declaration itself. If for any reason you have troubles obtaining the W-2 form, don’t worry in most cases your last check can be used as a substitute. Furthermore a lot of employers have adopted the practice to upload the W-2 forms on specialized sites. If you have worked for a large company with thousands of employees there is a good chance that your W-2 is just a click away. Turn to our consultants for further details.

Social Security Card

It is issued by the social security administration at the beginning of your stay in the USA. The number on this card is used by the IRS to identify you. If you have lost, damaged or have never received your social security cars call one of our consultants for assistance.

The passport you used to enter the USA

Along with  the declaration there should be a copy of your passport and the visa you traveled with. Also the dates of arrival and departure to and from the USA are required.

How does it work?

Actually to get your tax refund you don’t have to do much. We will do all the work for you, regardless of the agency you used for your work and travel program. Our experts will fill out your tax declaration in the most accurate and legal way possible, thus guaranteeing you will receive what you are owed.

In Usit Colours you receive a service that is simplified, at a fixed price.

We start off by calculating the possible refund. To find out what your refund would be bring us or send over the e-mail your W-2 form or last paycheck from each employer. Our consultants will assist you with the calculation, free of charge. The calculation is preliminary and is based on the information you have given us and the taxation rules and regulation at the moment.

If you wish for us to assist you with the tax refund process you need to sign up with us and give us the required documents. Our experts will take it from there. We will prepare and send your tax declaration within the day. We closely follow as the US tax authorities process the declaration. It takes about 4-6 weeks, for some states a bit longer than that.

Once the refund is approved by the tax authorities a check will be send or a transfer into your American bank account made. The preferred form of payment for them is a personal check. It is issued by the respective tax authorities and it usually arrives in Bulgaria 2-4 weeks after the approval of refund. You can also choose the faster option\ in which they transfer the money straight into your American bank account. This process is 1-2 weeks faster than the check.

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